From many aspects, airline industry is one of the first pioneer in big data. Airline industry is always a leader in collecting data; however, it doesn’t perform well in using data. Airline industry is immersed in the data ocean while a massive amount is unsystematic. Many major airlines are collecting more and more data. Meanwhile, the cost of using, storing and processing data has largely declined. Therefore, it significantly reduces the difficulty for airline companies to use data. Only when we are able to choose useful data and convert them into useful information, we can create value.

With investment and time cost in mind, airline companies should focus on those most loyal and most valuable customers. As information technology and tools become mature, airline companies is feasible to track and understand their customers through Big Data. In the past, airline companies are restricted to communicate with frequent travelers only. But now Big Data technology can help to improve airline companies’ relation with ordinary passengers. By observing and studying customer behaviors and activities on Internet, airlines can provide the best ticket fare and travel experience to passengers. To integrate all the isolated information, we can establish a most complete customer profile. Those major airlines can take actions based on this and convert more consumers into their customers. It will help to bring new revenue and increase customer loyalty in all channels. Although Big Data have all of those exciting benefits, more value has not been discovered. Big data bring precise customer marketing to airline companies, along with taking precautions opposition and being alert. Companies should transform online potential information into off-line real service. They will establish a broad prospect through baggage tracking, personalized service, improving customer loyalty and optimizing operations.

When it comes to using data, logistics industry is highly similar with airline industry in applying data. For logistics companies, it cannot remain competitive if it only maintains its current supply chain. The company must continually check, strengthen and evaluate the supply chain in order to gain more opportunities. In Big Data era, the biggest challenge for logistics companies is how to improve their service through Big Data analytics. Logistics companies are closely related with material suppliers, product manufacturers, wholesalers. The volume of data is great and of certain the great economic value. Big data technology can process massive data rapidly and efficiently, and output accurate information with great value. It will greatly push logistics industry’s development. With the deeper using of Big Data in logistics industry, logistics companies not only have data coming from internal, but also numerous data sources coming from external. It enables logistics companies to predictively personalize differentiated service for each customer.

AAS is committed to providing the most complete Big Data analytics and solutions for airline and logistics companies. Based on our professional knowledge and rich service experience, AAS helps enterprises to understand industry’s dynamic development, enhance customer loyalty, improve the transparency and service quality of SCM, and optimize moneymaking approach. Start from understanding specific vertical problems, we will the design unique logistics solutions for customers.

Airlines and Logistics Big Data Solution

Demand Forecast Trend Analysis
Personalized Service
Supply Chain Information
Distribution Alert Radar
Intelligent Routing
Route Optimization
Supply Chain Visual Monitoring
Customer Profile
Optimal Price Analysis

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