Nowadays, many business leaders are facing numbers of challenging issues. They hope data can become a powerful tool to support their decision-making quickly. Those leaders have to proactively respond to the ever-changing and highly competitive market. Who are our best supplier and favorable client? Which products have high quality defects? Do we need to extend certain clients’ credit term? Why are we encountering a faster increase in cost compared with sales? Don’t worry, all of these problems can be easily solved by using Business Intelligence (BI).

BI is to use information technology to identify, capture and analyze enterprise data. The common applications include statistics of corporate income, expense, and marketing, classification for different statistics, and analytics visualization.
BI provides a holistic view of enterprise operation’s history, present and forecast. Some general business intelligence technologies are like reporting, OLAP, analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, enterprise performance management, system assessment, text mining and predictive analytics. As BI’s main function is to support enterprise to make better decisions, BI is also called decision support system. The so-called BI 2.0 system has an advanced architecture that can support big data related technology.

From basic reporting to complex analytics, AAS can provide you with a completed toolbox to meet your different requirements. Our consultants can use a variety of leading BI software to plan and deploy digital dashboards, enterprise reporting, and OLAP analytics tools. Our experienced project team can develop a comprehensive analytics platform to support your management team with critical information so that they can solve tough business problems quicker and better.

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