As the Internet explosion, social informatization is becoming more and more mature. The prevalence and development of Internet is dramatically changing traditional industry’s operation model. Lots of traditional industries are undertaking an online and digital revolution. In this revolution, enterprises accumulate massive data. Statistics show that the volume of global data doubles each 18 months, and the situation goes further in the fast growing Chinese market. The problem of how to make the best use of data resources and extract data value becomes the urgent need to every company. Now, the fast developing big data technology provides an effective way for companies to process data and discover underlying value. At present, data analytics have become a powerful tool for a variety of industries. Companies need to focus on its business goals and specific vertical issues, and then apply big data analytics methods to deeply analyze and get the problem solved.

Normally, we use volume, velocity, variety, value and veracity (5 Vs) to describe big data’s most important features. These 5Vs show how numerous the data is, how fast it enters and is analyzed, integration of different data types, and data reliability. AAS agrees all of those points. However, in the meanwhile, AAS notice something important other than the 5Vs. To land big data analytics needs the integration and use of lots of IT technologies. AAS assists companies to draft data driven blueprints to create, compete and extract values from deep and real-time information. Our certified engineers and specialists give support, knack and confidence to our clients. No matter what the data type, source or place is, AAS can store, analyze, explore and predict all the data easily using Hadoop based big data software. We stimulate big data’s powerful potential and make full use of its business value.

AAS has developed big data stack which provides formulas to companies to build an ideal combination of Smart Data and Now Data. Smart Data is developed from complex analytic of improving entire decision-making process. While Now Data lies on real-time data. It is able to provide clear performance views to decision makers, and decision makers can collect useful data. AAS big data platform will offer an efficient, extensible and flexible infrastructure to develop recommendation engines to get a series of solutions, including best action, shopping baskets analytic, accurate marketing, customer images, churn analysis, customer life circle analysis, customer segments analysis, public opinion analysis, prediction analysis and so on.

AAS has developed a Big Data Stack that offers companies a formula for creating the ideal combination of Smart Data and Now Data. Smart Data is developed through sophisticated analytics that can substantially improve decision-making. Now Data is up to real-time data that can offer decision makers a clear view of performance levels and access to meaningful data as it is captured. AAS’s Big Data Platform provides an efficient, scalable, and flexible infrastructure to develop a recommendation engine possible of offering the solutions such as Next-best Action, Basket Analysis, Campaign Optimization, Customer Profile, Churn Analysis, Customer Lifetime Value Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Social Listing, and Predictive Analytics.

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