Electronics and household appliances industry is one of the most internationalized industry in Chinese market. This market is fully competitive and highly centralized. It is characterized by mass production, fast developing new technology, rapid product renewing, and demanding after-sales customer service. After 20 years’ development, electronics and household appliances industry has been reshuffled several times while China has already become the global manufacturing center of electronics and household appliances.

The development of Internet leads to a deep integration with electronics and household appliances industry. The electronics and household appliances industry is developing a clear Big Data strategy that can deliver value. Start from front-end marketing and back-end production, Big Data helps to discover customer insight and create differentiated product and user experience, which brings uncopiable competitive advantage. Big Data solutions help us to deal with the relationship between user experience and product sales, setting up a user evaluation system. These all contribute to enterprises’ product design, production, marketing and after sales system.

The new Big Data model will totally revolutionize product design chain. The start point will be customized design based on end-user’s customer behavior. The designers will no longer need to guess what customers would prefer. Instead, they can be guided by customer behavior and consuming preference, and use those information as the foundation of product design. By precisely quantifying consumer requirement, Big Data can effectively guide design process, and realize the seamless connection in consumers and manufacturer. The company’s operation and maintenance is no longer a passive receiving process. Instead, manufacturers can take the initiative to understand consumers, and as a result to sell products and provide after-sale service. The whole process is based on actual data that would be consistently analyzed and visualized. With the help of Big Data analytics and cloud computing, manufacturers can turn the whole operation process into a intelligent, initiative and quantifiable one.

Big Data can also help companies to achieve Smart Home strategy and as a result maximize customer value. By fully collecting customers’ behavior data and setting up customer profile system, companies can start to benefit Big Data application such as behavior analytics, market monitoring, and intelligent recommendation. What’s more, to establish a demand-driven production plan, companies can apparently increase after-sale service and truly understand their consumers.

AAS see very clearly the revolution brought by Big Data into electronics and household appliances industry. Facing the massive data challenge, AAS develops an open Big Data platform, and can provide a full IT service including data collection, data mining, data analytics and data visualization. In the meanwhile, we also provide Big Data solutions from production to pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. With the help of panoramic view empowered by AAS’ Big Data OS and application, companies coming from electronics and household appliances industry will find the huge potential and value of Big Data.

Electronics and Household Appliances Big Data Solution

Accessories Production
Product Malfunction Rate
Malfunction Forecast
Finished Product Sales Forecast
Customer Behavior Prediction
Precision Marketing

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