In essence, finance itself has no physical production or logistics; it is actually a combination of data production, processing, storage, and transmission. Whether they are commercial banks, security companies or insurance companies, their operation systems are running numerous real-time transaction data every day. Big data is one of the most important support to reshape the competitive pattern in finance industry. To efficiently use the data will lead the development of the whole industry and bring fresh air to finance ecosystem. Ranging from business model to channel, product and service, transformation and innovation become the keywords in finance industry. In the meanwhile, Big Data’s fast development will also promote Internet Finance, Mobile Finance, and other innovative business model. In internet + era, finance service competitions focus on real-time experience. It is a trend that traditional centralized approach is turning to distributed approach. We will see more technology-driven Internet companies to join the competition of financial market.

In Big Data era, financial ecosystem is undertaking the following revolutions:

(1) Openness: Internet Finance is based on Internet technology and mobile pay technology. It communicates with clients equally in an open approach. Companies can collect customer information actively in order to develop a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of customers. This helps to set up functional customer credit assessment and risk management, and play a better role of information intermediary.

(2) Digitization: Capital intermediary function turns to virtualization and electronization. The trend of virtualization will gradually revolutionize the current financial service, including product virtualization, service virtualization and procedure virtualization.

(3) High productivity: firstly, it improves the entire market production efficiency. Secondly, it pictures more complete customer profile to make sales more precise. Thirdly, to integrate all aspects of data, financial institutions can build credit system and identify all transaction risks in order to prevent and control financial risks. Last but not the least, it promotes production innovation, develops a personalized and intelligent customer service, and facilitates new product development to meet users’ requirements.

(4) Scientific decision-making: With Big Data analytics, we will develop a better understanding of customer behaviors, customer segmentation, and individual network behaviors. To optimize operation procedures, we can discover data values from every operation process. It guides financial institutions to drive business innovation, and provides comprehensive and real-time key information to management to support decision-making.

AAS has decades of experience in serving financial institutions. To combine internal and external resources, we help companies to establish a big data analytics platform to integrate internal and external data, which using Hadoop big data warehousing technology. We offer precise personalized customer analysis reports, fraud risk control data analysis, and other data applications. Those help companies to discover customer value, improve data analysis and decision-making efficiency, reduce financial risks, and reach target customers accurately.

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