The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market in China is characterized by a multi-sided tug-of-war in which local and global brands compete for the hearts and wallets of billions of consumers. The Chinese market is one of the most exciting global opportunities for the consumer goods industry, but it remains highly competitive and rife with idiosyncrasies. Challenges include geographic size, cultural diversity, inadequate logistics infrastructure, and disconnected towns and rural areas. In the meanwhile, most FMCG and retail companies face a slow down revenue increase in recent years. This mild accelerating period becomes the new normal for FMCG and retail industry. Those successful brands must rapidly take actions to adapt the changing external environment.

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In Big Data era, FMCG and retail companies need to drive business using Big Data technology and predictive analytics. On one hand, companies can apply BI applications on current transaction systems to establish an overview across all the brands and products lines. It helps companies to develop a better understanding of market dynamics, do financial budgets according to business lines, and gain an overall expense view. Both sales and marketing departments can learn the history development patterns and make supply plan according to customer groups and distribution channels.

On the other hand, Big Data technology makes it possible for new market research methodology to veritably restore customer’s consumption behaviors. It utilizes professional data analysis to focus on behavior itself rather than customer itself. The smart information processing technology makes low-cost and large-sample quantitative research become true. It promotes customer behavior and customer psychological research into a new level, which helps FMCG and retail companies to capture business opportunities more precisely. AAS supplies marketing and financial intelligence for consumer goods firms to increase market-share and build brand dominance. Our clients include leading FMCG manufacturers from China, Europe and the United States.

FMCG Big Data Solution

Recommendation Engine
Shelves Optimization
Public Listening
Online Channel Management
Demand Forecast Trend Analysis
Price Monitoring
Sales Route Performance
Product Category
Inventory Optimization

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