As a rapidly growing industry, life science is characterized with dispersed distribution channels and strict regulations. Pharmaceutical and life science companies need to manage a large number of sales staff, medical institutions and drug distributors all around the world. In the meanwhile, Asian pharmaceutical companies need to follow the local standards and practical requirements of North America, Europe, etc. In fact, most life science companies have already applied business intelligence and enterprise performance management system to support the modernization of enterprise management in market competition. With the development of Big Data technology, pharmaceutical, medical care and medical technology industry are looking forward to take advantage of DT future. There are various sources of data in the field of life science. With the help of data scientists, data will become a big asset for companies.

Big Data Revolution

Healthcare cost reduced
Disruptive consumer technology
Individual medical treatment
Ubiquitous analytics
The maturing cloud computing

With a wealth of practical experience and deep understanding of life sciences industry in China, AAS strategize with clients in BI, EPM and big data blueprint, creating stable and flexible information structure and integrating data from sales, marketing, operation, clinical and financial system. Our clients include the majority of leading global and local pharmaceutical companies in Chinese market.

Life Science Industry Big Data Solution

Marketing Forecast and Analysis
Automation Cost Management
Mobile Solution
Management Dashboard
Budget Driving
Internet of things
Sales Force efficiency (SFE)

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